Ebola: Experimental Drugs Yielding Successful Results

With the approval of World Health Organisation (WHO) on the usage of experimental drugs in the context of dangerous epidemic, research experts have been able to come up with different experimental drugs that is giving a ray of hope to the elimination of Ebola virus which is ravaging divers nations.

The experimental drug that has been urgently given to a handful of patients with Ebola Virus has successfully scaled an important hurdle test after healing eighteen monkeys infected with the virus.

The drug known as Zmapp is a compound of three antibodies that attach to cells infected with Ebola thereby helping the immune system kill them.

Using primates as a good stand in for humans experts assert it was still unclear whether Zmapp worked on humans as two patients who have been given died and two others have recovered.

Zmapp is being developed by Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. of San Diego California, partly in conjunction with the US Army.

Recently it was declared that the Zmapp experimental drug had been exhausted but another experimental drug for the disease named TKM Ebola is also being developed.

The TKM Ebola by Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp. of Vancouver, Canada has also scaled its first phase of its three phase testing.


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