Floyd Mayweather Shamed by Rapper 50 Cent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [Video]

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become an instant viral phenomenon. With celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez and even former President George W. Bush, everyone seems to be embracing this trend. To date, the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $43 million dollars. While some seem to be questioning the motives of the challenge, many have already seen the impact it has made.

While so many celebs are embracing the challenge, others like Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson took it in stellar fashion. While going through the normal calling out of others, Jackson focused his attention on boxing mogul Floyd Mayweather. Not just for the challenge, Jackson also stated he would donate $750,000 dollars to any charity Mayweather chose if he would read a full-page of a Harry Potter book. Implying that the boxing legend has a reading issue, Curtis Jackson seemed to be calling the Champ out for a public spectacle.

The following day of the Instagram challenge issued by 50 Cent, the daily morning radio show based out of New York, The Breakfast Club, lead by Charlamagne Tha God poked fun at Floyd. With an unedited clip of the champion’s drop on hand, the radio personality played nearly three full minutes of the champ struggling to read the simplest of words. The script Mayweather was asked to read is as follows:

I’m Floyd Mayweather and I’ve joined IHeartRadio for the ‘Show Your Stripes’ movement to support the hiring of vets. Go to ShowYourStripes.org, a website that connects veterans with employees and helps businesses find candidates with the best training.
Mayweather eventually worked his way through the script while struggling to string his words together. Breakfast Club co-host Angela Yee sat in horror as Charlamagne took jab after jab at the boxer who is used to defending himself from harm. This however proved to be a different type of fight and Yee had to step in and end the segment because it has taken a drastic turn for the worse.

The idea of 50 Cent going to such great lengths to clown the boxing champion with the Ice Bucket Challenge was either absurd or hilarious; it all depends on how a person chooses to view it. Charlamagne Tha God and Power 105′s The Breakfast Club may have just taken the joke a bit too far.

True to Mayweather’s style, he did not sit idly by while the radio station and others laughed at his reading disability; instead he took to his Instagram account and posted a picture of two eight figure checks made out to his company. Along with the image he captioned the words, “Read this $72,276,000.00” and ended with “God Bless.”

Reportedly, Mayweather did not have an easy childhood. His father was in jail on drug related charges while his mom battled drug addiction. The champ said he knew one day he would need to take care of his mother so he decided to drop out of high school to pursue a career in boxing. As a result of that decision he may not be the best reader but has made his mark in history as an undefeated champion.

As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continues to storm the country, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson decided to call out boxing mogul Floyd Mayweather. He not only challenged the champ to join the Ice Bucket phenomenon but stated he would donate $750,000 dollars to any charity Mayweather chose if he would read a full-page of a Harry



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