#Ebola: Stella Damasus spits fire, makes a case for the late Doctor Adadevoh

Unlike the other celebrities who have been posting tributes on the social media pages in honour of the late Doctor Adadevoh, actress and human activist Stella Damasus thinks otherwise.”Kind and beautiful Dr ameyo Adadevoh stood her ground to protect Nigeria. She refused to allow me sawyer leave first consultants hospital even when the Liberian ambassador pressured her to release him. Imagine what would have happened if she had let him go. Ebola would have been more widespread than what we are dealing with now. She died this (Tuesday) evening and I strongly believe she deserves a national posthumous award.” Stella wrote on IG.

The mother of two didn’t stop there, she further charged Nigerians and the federal government not to fiddle with the case like it happened with the fuel subsidy and Chibok girls.

“Is she going to be a forgotten case like the fuel subsidy, the child marriage issue, or the chibok girls? Why do we easily move from one thing to the other without seeing these issues through till we get results?” she wrote on Instagram.
And then she sent out word to the Cross River state Governor  “The cross river state government should honor this woman because Dr sawyer was supposed to attend a seminar in Calabar. If she had not stopped him from going there, what do you think would have happened to the people of cross river?
If we don’t celebrate people like this who sacrifice their lives to save others then please tell me why any of us should do the same. Give honor to whom honor is due”
Oh by the way, she has kicked off the petition on Change.org.


JOIN: C0023BB86

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