Kevin Hart gets engaged

Kevin Hart has proposed to his long term girlfriend, Eniko Parrish. He proposed to her yesterday as she turned 30. Kevin posted the pic on the right on his instagram page and wrote;
“Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman in the world. Today is your day babe & we are going to party like it’s 1999….I love you so much. I’m a better man because of you. P.S your old as shit now lmao #Dirty30
Then he posted the one on the left and wrote “She said Yessss!.. #Happy #MyRib #iFuckingLoveHer
Congrats to them but one person who won’t be very happy about this news is his ex-wife and mother of his two children, Torrei Hart, who’s claimed in the past that Kevin cheated on her with Eniko many years ago, slamming Eniko for being a home wrecker. In a recent interview, Torriei talked about black men going for lights skinned girls once they reach a level of success. See that after the cut…

Speaking with Cherise Nicole on black men dating outside their race once they are successful, Torrei said
“Honestly, it wasn’t all Kevin’s fault. I won’t say it was all his fault. Cause I look back now and I take ownership of some of the things I could’ve did differently. But, I did question my beauty. I did question like, wow, why is it that all black men, when they reach a certain level, they have to feel like they need someone of another race, or a different skin tone on their arm? And I’m just like, well why aren’t we looked at as beautiful? We’re beautiful black queens! You know what I mean? And I love my black men.
You know and I support them 100% And I don’t feel like, once I make it, I gotta go to the other side! You know? And not saying, cause I’ve dated outside my race, I have, but I just don’t feel, like I need it on my arm to feel better about myself. And I just feel like, sometimes our men do.”

On not being bitter and moving on..
“You know they say, she done went crazy! Or bitter! And it’s like no, did you forget what you did? You know, but honestly it’s about how we react to what they do. And you know, it’s about changing your reaction. And I was hurt. I was deeply hurt, I knew this man, way before any of the celebrity and any of the fame. And we had children and I thought marriage was forever, but it’s not.”
I just have to accept this situation for what it is and move forward now. That’s when I felt like a load is off. You know I just felt free. I was like, you know I did a little bonfire in my back yard, I put his name on a list, with everybody else, who during that time, you know, who I thought had my back, but didn’t. You know, I was like, I forgive this person. I forgive this person. And I just did a list. And I went out to my backyard and I prayed on it. And I lit on fire and I buried it and gave it to God. And when I tell you honey, like chills. I really felt like freedom. I really felt free. So, that was just something I did. You learn what tools you need to get passed certain experiences that bring you down.”


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