“I want to Emulate Oprah Winfrey” – Maheeda Reveals

To many people, she could be described as a bad girl, while to others, she is just having fun and giving the media, especially bloggers, things to fill their platforms with, but to her, she is just who she is. Those are the different personalities of controversial singer, Maheeda, who has indeed made a name for herself through explicit photographs rather than music she claims to do.

Though the singer says she is a gospel artiste, but her musical videos have not shown what is generally believed to be gospel.

Recently, the singer released a wave making track, ‘Can you handle it,’ which has been gaining massive views on various social platforms.

The singer also explained that the Maheeda in her is Caroline and sometimes, could change to something else, adding that there are times when a person just want be his or herself.

“The Maheeda in me! This is Caroline and sometimes, I change to something else. So, everybody has that moment where they just can’t see it. I was with a lady yesterday at Cool FM and immediately she sighted me, she changed into her bum shorts and high heels and started posing.

“To me, the Maheeda in her was coming out because seeing me already, I have influenced her dress sense. The urge to look sexy was irresistible in her. That’s the Maheeda in her and there should be a Maheeda in you too,” she explained.

She further disclosed that after becoming a superstar, she wants to emulate the lifestyle of American media proprietor and talk show host, Oprah Gail Winfrey.

“I want to anchor a talk show that will allow people to be themselves. For instance, if you are addicted to alcohol, you would be able to come out and own up to your addiction. If you are also addicted to admiring married women, you should be able to confirm it. I really want to bring out the Maheeda in a lot of people and let’s see if they want to embrace or quit the Maheeda creation,” she stated.


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