D’Banj Now Desperately Seeking Relevance Through Genevieve Nnaji?

For some time now, the popularity of D’Banj has been going down. Musically, he is no more making statements like he used to do while with Don Jazzy, running their defunct Mohits Records.

Some have even termed songs released after their crash as mere ‘noise’ as the acclaimed ‘Eja Nla’, which means ‘big fish’, has not been able to release songs that can attain one quarter success of ‘Oliver Twist’, which had the Midas touch of Don Jazzy in it.

In recent times, probably trying to remain relevant, since music has ostensibly failed to do that for him, D’Banj and his media crew may have deployed the tactics of using Genevieve Nnaji to be in the news.

Or how do explain D’Banj coming up again years after to say he wishes to marry Genevieve as a wife. Of course, within him, he and his PR crew know that such will generate arguments, which is aimed at keeping people talking about him.

He knows that anything Genevieve, especially the one that relates to their then rumoured romance, will keep people talking about him.

If D’Banj is really ready to be in the news, let him do good music since he is in G.O.O.D Music, where good songs are done, and not telling us how truly he kissed Genevieve in his music video or how (allegedly) his mum rejected Genevieve as his wife when he presented her to his mum.

Get busy in the studio and stop seeking relevance through the actress looks like he is musically finished. I only hope Kanye West won’t be regretting why he signed D’Banj unto his label. God help you D’Banj

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