SHOCKING: First Lady of Enugu State on House Arrest Imposed By Governor Sullivan Chime, Begs for intervention

Clara Chime, the First Lady of Enugu State, says Governor Sullivan Chime, has put her under house arrest, and has cried out for help of human rights bodies to rescue her.

In a letter dripping with pain and suffering, Mrs. Chime disclosed that she married Mr. Chime in October 2008 but that she has been unable to share the matrimonial bed with him for over four years.

All the attempts to intervene with the situation failed, as she says: the ones were made by the Catholic Bishop of Enugu state (Callistus Onaga), top priests have come to intervene, even the President and the First Lady of the nation.

“My father is late, my Mum and few of my siblings are confused and have done all kinds of prayers they know of, 3 of my siblings prefers me dead than to see me leave the Government house. He treats my Mum and my siblings bad,” she wrote.

Mrs. Chime was even introduced to 2 psychiatrists who have prescribed “all kinds of drugs that ends up keeping me acute depressed and also drives me into hallucinations.”

Mrs. Chime, desperate over the situation, complains that Governor Chime has ordered her to leave with her 4-year old son whom she conceived before their wedding.

However, later the governor threatened to disown the boy, if she leaves him. Whenever she tries to do so, she is locked in. Even when Mrs. Chime promised to leave alone, without her son, he still instructed his securities to lock her inside the house.

Of the situation in Government House, she said, “He does not take care of me personally, the government gives me allowance to run the house and that’s where I save little from to take care of my elf, my Mum and few of my siblings,” she said in the letter.

“He shut me out of his life years ago; I don’t have access to his apartment. The problem is enormous; I don’t know where to start to explain from.”

Now Mrs. Chime is begging for help of human rights authorities to come and rescue her.

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4 Responses to SHOCKING: First Lady of Enugu State on House Arrest Imposed By Governor Sullivan Chime, Begs for intervention

  1. Sunday Okoroede says:

    Nigerians please shine your eyes! No be today wey them start to dey write all kinds of rubbish against Gov. Chime of Enugu State, and in the end the stories always turn out to be unsubstantiated. I do not believe this particular story because something is just not right with the story. The story is just too perfect. I think the story is just politics or POLITRICKS (equal to lies). So Shine your eye well well ooooo.. Don’t allow anybody to deceive you and take you do pepper soup ooooo. Please man no be goat. Good night all.

  2. Ben Obulu says:

    Gov Chime is very popular and loved by Enugu people. He is a very good Governor and has done incredible things in Enugu State. Take a trip to Enugu one of these days and see for yourself. The man has performed perhaps better than any other Governor in Nigeria. But unfortunately he has very powerful political enemies too. At first his enemies tried to see if they could defeat him politically but it was impossible for them as the people, the House of Assembly and basically all of Enugu state is behind Gov Chime. Then they tried to use the Courts, but Gov Chime being a former Attorney General of Enugu state who is known for sticking to the law and as a result he has been decimating his enemies in the Courts. But his enemies changed tactics once again and this time they have resorted to using the internet and the print media to demonize Gov Chime, and to destroy his name and reputation with lies and fabrications alleging various unspeakable acts and abominations against him. What they do is to basically level one heinous allegation after another against Gov Chime and then stand aside and watch Chime get damaged by their lies. This is the motive behind this current lie against Sullivan. This is the current travail of Sullivan. May God protect him.
    Ben Obulu

  3. Mrs Linda Onwamma says:

    My fellow Nigerians It is no longer news that there is a group of desperate, vile and malevolent individuals who are troubled by the Stellar Performance of Gov Sullivan Chime of Enugu State. And this group is determined to dull Chime’s legacy and reputation by constantly attacking and muddying his name and reputation. Was it not this same group that came up and disseminated the death story of Sullivan Chime over 5 times! (how can one man die over 5 times !!!!!). Was it not this same group that invented the India and kidney disease story! Was it not this same group that even claimed that Gov Chime had resigned and joined Nollywood. This group has spread so many false stories about Gov Chime and his wife, including this very story. But to these blackmailers and slanderers, I say hold your peace and leave Gov chime alone! Chime has done you no wrong. All he has done is that he has been doing his work as Governor to the utmost of his ability and developing Enugu State. Although he has not been sharing the stat allocation to your bunch as you expected, but he has been developing Enugu State for the betterment of all. So please give him some peace. And remember that whatever you give out will surely come back to you. As you can see God is on his side. Repent today and leave Gov Chime and his family alone. Peace be to all men of goodwill, but to the evil ones, may your bones burn forever!

  4. celia says:

    All I have 2 say z dat diz story z true, dnt b deceived bcuz he’s a nice governor granted, but am tellin u 4 a fact dat diz story z 100percent true, I leave it at dat.. God help her doe

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