Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Banned From A University!



Like some Nigerian music videos, R&B sensation Robin Thicke’s famous “Blurres Lines” video has been forbidden on the University of Edinburgh campus for good. The single which got an additional hype thanks to Miley Cyrus erotic performance at the VMAs attracted heavy criticisms from many adults.

The University authorities claim “Blurred Lines” goes contrary to their policy of “End of Rape Culture and Lad Banter”. The Vice President, Kristy Haigh said the decision was taken because the song supports unhealthy attitude towards sex and consent.

Even with the current situation, Robin Thicke still thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with his song. “Even the good girls have a little bad side” Thicke backed his lyrics.

“Blurred Lines” features rap star T.I and singer Pharell and if you listen well, you would hear lines like this: “I know you want it” “Nothing like your last guy/ he don’t smash those a** like that” “The way you grab me”and more.

The University of Edinburgh Association considers those lines as ‘glamorizing violence towards women‘.

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