CORRUPTION: Police Sack Two Women Corporals ‘Caught in the Act’

Two traffic policewomen caught in an amature video, in which the duo was extorting N100 bribe from a bus driver in Lagos State, have been dismissed from the Nigerian Police Force.

The women corporals Elizabeth Itolor and Jenifer Azingbe, attached to the Makinde police station, were handed their dismissal letters on September 11, 2013, a source of the Nigerian Telegraph reported.

The corporals’ dismissal was contained in a circular which stated that the policewomen were dismissed over despicable acts and corrupt practices contrary to Paragraph E(iii)and C(iii)respectively of Schedule 1 of the Police Act and Regulations 370 of the Federation of Nigeria 1990.

The policewomen have joined the Nigeria Police Force in 2004.

“They have been crying since morning. They have gone to Keyamo chambers and other human rights offices to seek for help. The dismissal has come as a shock,” the source said.

The policewomen have been awaiting their fate since the police Provost Unit of the Lagos State police command had concluded the Orderly room trial into the allegation last week.

A video footage posted on YouTube got over 40,000 views and caused public outrage on social media. It showed a policewoman negotiating a N100 bribe with a commercial bus driver at the Oshodi-Apapa Express way.

A passenger in the bus recorded the bribe negotiation showing the driver pacifying the policewoman who had refused to allow the bus move after loading passengers.

The driver, after much pleading, angrily said, “Don’t abuse me because of N100. How much is N100? Me I don pass N100.”

The policewoman, who was sitting in the bus was adamant as she said, “E no concern me. Pay me my own money”.

The driver was seen telling the conductor to settle the policewoman so they could move.

“Give her N100. I will return it to you later,” the driver said in Yoruba.

The policewoman came down from the bus as she collected the N100 from the conductor and the two policewomen walked away from the bus to their duty of controlling traffic.

The policewomen suffered similar fate as their colleague one sergeant Christopher Omoleze, attached to the station Man Centre police station, who was also outed in a video posted on Youtube. He had negotiated a N25,000 bribe.

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