Emelda Ojukwu Launches EMEL MAKEOVER In Enugu

Emel Makeover handbill2f
Emel makeover(1)
Emelda Ojukwu, a native of orlu in imo state…the CEO of Emel makeover..


…I love everything about fashion, makeup and style..its what I have passion for..I love seeing people look good and transforming them…I started from when I was a teenager…can remember applying my elder sister’s makeup anytime I get hold of her makeup kit…even without taking my bath..she would alwayz scold me for wasting her makeup…I would want to try out something..trying to mix colors..so as I grew..i learnt more on makeup and I started making others up even for free..I can remember doing the makeup for some girls in a fashion show…until I decided to make it official…my company Emel makeover is all about creating the look that defines you…we give quality makeup services on bridal makeup, both wedding and traditional wedding makeup, runway and pageantry makeup, photo shoot and video shoot makeup, Gele tying, face paints for kids and movie makeup…We make sure that our clients are satisfied with the services we offer..We also sell Tara products…

OFFICE: No 10 osadebe street Close to unec campus gate Enugu, Nigeria.

Phone: +2347033178258 / +2348182963446

Email: Emelmakeover@gmail.com or Emelojukwu@yahoo.com

Facebook: Emel makeover


Emel makeover '(1)

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6 Responses to Emelda Ojukwu Launches EMEL MAKEOVER In Enugu

  1. Badazz007 says:

    This is good work in progress.goodluck on your endeavour.more grace to your elbows

  2. One thing is that we are born with power and potentials for a purpose, the other thing worth noting down is that we should live with passion to unleash it in exchange of success. Emelda Ojukwu you have been a friend i tell ‘well done and dare more, than you have to…
    Keep it up. Success is earned not bestowed.
    Ojobe C. Prince
    Author and Public Speaker

  3. destiny says:

    Well Emelda,I urge you to put in your best and before you know it,you will be one the best in the business.

  4. Emel says:

    Thanks a lot y’all….I really appreciate

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