PHOTOS: Tonto Dikeh Flaunts Her 24-Carat Gold iPhone 5, 5.7 Carat Diamond iPad And Wrist-Watch

Seems like gold gadgets is the new cool and must have for every Nigerian celeb these days. Tonto Dikeh has decided to show us her expensively customised gadget which she received as a present from Malivelihood.

The Nollywood top actress Tonto has been presented with 24 Carat Gold iPhone 5, with 5.7ct diamond ring, Gold Rose from Malivelihood, whom she received an iPad made of 24 carat gold and customized just last month.

Confirming this, the actress stated: TONTO W.C DIKEH ‏@TONTOLET, Malivelihood luxury design present me my 24CTMalivelihood luxury design present me my 24CT ROSE.

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