Fans Attack Burna Boy

Fans have taken to twitter to attack Burna Boy for his recent tweet where he was wishing he had a rich dad. ‘I wish I had a rich dad or relative that got shit done 4 me. God knows best sha’, he tweeted.

Though we can’t tell for sure who Burna Boy was refering to, twitter fans have assumed he was taking a direct shot at fellow artist and billionaire kid Davido.

‘Haahahhahahaha,DAVIDO(omo baba olowo) see ur life! Bt wait o,Burna dey feel bad,sowie boo,wen uar cumin nxt in life choose a rich dad like’, a comment read.

Another comment read, “Burna boy please kindly STFU…… You don’t have a rich dad/relative yet you went to Corona then London before you chose the music path..keep comparing yourself with Davido instead of being thankful..”

It’s no secret that Davido who is often referred to as ‘Omo baba olowo’ has always gotten full support from his billionaire dad Deji Adeleke.

But who knows, Burna boy might not be refering to anybody, he just might be airing his thoughts out or don’t you think so?

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