BBA Winner Dillish Matthews Explains How She Intends To Use the $300,000 Prize

Namibia’s Dillish Wins Big Brother as Melvin and Beverly come distant 4th and 5th Place
Namibia’s Dillish Matthews who won the eighth season of the Big Brother Africa reality show Sunday night has disclosed that her first priority is to buy a house.

The Namibian beauty beat four other finalists – Elikem, Cleo, Melvin and Beverly – to win the US$300,000 prize package in this year’s 91-day reality show.

Dillish disclosed that it has been her dream to get a house for her siblings and herself so they could live together and winning the money will make that a reality.


“I made it very clear in the beginning that I just want to get a house for me and my siblings to be together.

“It might sound something simple, something stupid but I never had that family thing so now I can go and do it for my siblings I…,” said the pretty Namibian.

“I told them before they turned 18 we will all be in a house together and look at what happened,” she added.

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