14-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth to Triplets


14-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth to Triplets
Doctors at the Bungoma District Hospital, in Kakamega County, Kenya could not believe their eyes when a 14 year-old girl delivered triplets.

Mwanarahab Wamukoya from Harambee market in Kakamega County was admitted at the delivery room on Saturday night only for her to give birth to her three first born children, all of them boys at the wee hours of Sunday morning.

“We thank God that she successfully delivered the bouncing triplets. Though the young ones are in good health, their mother is still very weak,” said a nurse at the Bungoma District Hospital.

The teenager said that the father of the kids is also a teen, aged only 16 years.

“I am appealing to Kenyans to assist me in bringing up these children because I am from a very poor background. My parents are too poor to even put a meal on the table,” pleaded Mwanarahab.


Getting news of the rare birth, members of the public flocked the health institution with some taking turns to pose for photographs with the triplets and their young mother.

Bungoma County Cabinet Secretary in-charge of health, water and sanitation Mrs Grace Khayota led a team of county executives in paying a visit to the young mother.

“We are happy that she delivered safely and though we are trying from our side to make her comfortable. I am still appealing to Kenyans to come to her aid in regard to raising these children,” said Khayota.

Doctors at the hospital have created a special ward for Mwanarahab to recuperate as they continue monitoring her progress and that of the triplets before discharging her.

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