SUPER GRAPHIC PHOTO: Peace Mass Transit Crashes Killing Most Passengers on Board.

It was a terrible day as a commuter bus popularly known as “PEACE MASS TRANSIT (PMT)” transporting passengers crashed along Ozala Enugu-Portharcourt road in the eastern part of Nigeria.

According to an eyewitness, the commuter bus collided with a heavy duty truck; running directly into the on coming vehicle.
Sources also confirmed that people around had to cut open the bus in other to help rescue any survivors. It was really a horrible sight.

It is no longer news that people have been warned severally about this peace mass transit and its high record of accidents on the road in the past few years.

Many people who have traveled with the bus have complained of the drivers speed rate as well as their recklessness on the highway. Abeg, Road Safety should do something to regulate this bus drivers to keep the roads safe for those of us who can’t afford to travel by air o.

People really need to say “I will see you soon” and live to fulfill it….

Take heart! To the families it affected

Rest in peace to the affected souls

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