Behind The Scene: Phyno Went Back To His Root To Shoot “MAN OF THE YEAR” Video.

The Play maker (Phyno) who grew up in the east as he said in his song, “east coast nigger now banging in the west” decided to go back to his Hood at Abakpa in Enugu, to shoot the “MAN OF THE YEAR” video. Phyno always comes up with great and unique videos in the likes of: Ghost mode, Shut down and others.

“”””””Part of his lyrics”””””

“””””Oge mno street ima? Oge mno hood ima? Owee gi tinye isi na otele okuko, you can’t stop me maka na obago””””””””””””””

“”” Interpretation””””

“”””””Do you know when I was on the street? Do you know when I was in the hood? If you are angry,go fix your head in the fowl’s ass, you can’t stop me Because am already IN”””””””””

MAN OF THE YEAR video,which is a typical example of Street music attracted most of his Hommies and Hood boys in Enugu even masquerades! Wow! and it was shot on the streets of Abakpa by the Award winning and most recognized Clarence Peters. I bet this will be another hot shot!
More pictures after the cut……

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