Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong Infront Of Hundreds Of Spectators

What a way to say NO to a marriage proposal. This had to really hurt!!!

Down on one knee: Spectators were shocked when Jessica rejected David’s proposal
It’s usually the players – not the spectators – who strike-out at baseball games.
But hopeless romantic David was thrown a curve ball after asking his girlfriend Jessica to marry him at a New Britain Rock Cats minor league game in Connecticut last week.
And judging by his reaction, it seems the brave Lothario wasn’t prepared for the outcome.
The couple were on the field answering questions when the announcer passed the microphone to David, who one commenter claims worked for the team.
‘Will you marry me Jessica?’ he asked.
Stepping back with her hands over her mouth, Jessica stammered: ‘David, I’m sorry, I can’t.’

Happy but Anxious: David prepares to ask his girlfriend, Jessica to marry him

Romantic: David drops to one knee to propose to the woman he loves while the mascot cheers

Shocked: Jessica steps backwards looking distressed as she rejects David ‘s offer

Embarrassing & Humiliating: David runs out of the stadium after Jessica tells him she doesn’t want to marry him.
Lmao! I think Peter of Psquare had a better idea than david. Haha

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