‘The Virgins NGO’ Work To Preserve Virginity Until Marriage

A non-governmental organisation, by name, The Virgins, has said it is focused on preserving virgins until their wedding night.

The founder, Adunni Adediran, said she was convinced that the objective could be achieved, saying she sold her house and emptied the N5m in her bank account to help girls, who wanted to stay as virgins before marriage.

Adediran said she was making this sacrifice due to her experiences during her teenage years.

She asked the government to enlighten parents to encourage their female children to stay virgins until they are married.

Adediran said the organisation was struggling to survive because of lack of support, adding that more efforts would still be made to make sure that government, corporate bodies and other well-meaning individuals support the initiative.

The 68-year-old mother said, “It is worrisome that a large number of people and organisations, including the government, do not show clear support to the virgins. This idea can eradicate many vices in the country.”

Chairman of the organisation, Dr. Naheem-Deen Ekemode, advised girls not to open their laps for any man until they get married. He added that some past members of the organisation were celebrated by their spouses for keeping their virginity.

Ekemode, who is a gynaecologist, said, “We don’t just accept that a girl is a virgin until certain tests are carried out on those that come to our NGO. The examination is a safe one that does not affect them psychologically or physically. After that, we enlighten and continue to nurture them.

“We also give certificate to them on their wedding days. We urge the government to help to encourage virginity.”

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