Fans Attacks Actress Chika Ike After Announcing Divorce On Facebook-Calls Her A Big Fool

The gorgeous Actress Chika Ike was lambasted by fans after announcing her divorce from her ex husband, Toni Eberiri, on her official facebook page.

“Hi Fabs!
Thank you all for your love and support over the years…. It’s been an emotional journey and I want to officially announce to you guys that the court has granted me a divorce…. I am now officially
divorced. Thanks.”

Fans then expressed their disappointment at the UN ambassador.
Below are some of the comments.

(1) Olarewaju Ahamed: chika how can you do such a thing like dat you dont have to do that now am not happy to ear dis from you u disanpont me

(2) Chinedu Samuel Okorie: So u want us to be clapping for u My dear if u dnt no wht bible said abt divorce go and read it, u are making a big mistake, u beter amend ur ways and love ur husband

(3) Ndubuish Juliet Ezeokoli: If truely u are d one dt posted dis @chika,then u are a bigger fool and a disgrace 2 ur u fink divorce is gud fin.for ur
info, divorce doesnt make u single,rather,it makes u a divorcee mother/wife…mumu.

(4) Ogbonna Queen: It’s like u are proud to announce that you are divorced. Well, it is well if it is on irreconciliable differences. But if it is for high handedness or inability to submit to ur husband, or u feel u are higher in the society than him, then u need a rethink. God frowns at divorce.

(5) Collins Mmadubuobi: Why must u u wish to be remary..pls God migt not be hapi with that divorce chika

(6) Blessing Chibuzo: Chika are you proud? Announcing it as if its some kind of achievement. God hates divorce! If you decided to go ahead with yours, can’t you quietly do so? Please stop
encouraging women to follow same Regardless of the situation divorce is STILL an act of shame. your fans are expecting you to live a life worthy of
emulation. what are you teaching ?

Wow! Hope she Knows how to Clear this…

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