#BBATHECHASE: LIVE UPDATE from 12:15 – 21:18

21:18 – “I’m so glad you’re still here. You know I would have cried tears of fire,” Fatima to Elikem

21:17 – Oneal is worried about his weight. He tells Feza that he needs to bulk up a bit.

21:04 – Natasha tells Fatima how grateful she is for surviving tonight’s Eviction.

19:43 – Pokello and Elikem have a hear to heart on Nominations in the garden. Pokello notes that her shoes match the lining of Elikem’s lining.

19:35 – Nando admits that he’s met a few of his friends through Facebook.

19:20 – Nando plays the kissing game with Motamma. “You, you’e naughty,” Motamma says

18:44 – Oneal apologises to Feza for coming hard on her last night

17:50 – The Ruby boys are all dressed up and start singing love songs in the garden

17:30 – “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday,” Angelo sings as the Housemates get ready for tonight’s Eviction.

16:45 – Annabel tells Biggie that she fears the Save and Replace session of tonight’s Eviction Show

16:30 – Pokello wishes her son a Happy 10th Birthday. “It’s been a decade of me being a mother”.

16:15 – Elikem says Selly warned him to watch his back when in comes to Sulu and Natasha.

16:00 – Biggie calls the Nominated Housemates into the Diary Room for their Eviction Diary sessions.

12:15 – The Nominated Housemates get their hair professionally done

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