“My First Kiss Was With Desmond Elliot” – Actress, Omoni Oboli Confesses

The actress whose turning point in Nollywood was after staring Kunle Afolayan’s block buster movie, Figurine, however has some intimate secrets that may surprise some of her fans as revealed in this encounter with a reporter recently in Lagos.

Despite often stepping out with her husband, you may not also know that the actress also cooks for her husbands, but not all the time.

Here is how she captured it in her response.

“My husband is very supportive so it makes life a lot easier for me. I try to give my family quality time when I have time. I cook for my husband often; of course not every night. I do so most times when I’m around and he wants something special. We have somebody who cooks for us. I wouldn’t deny that. If he wants something special, then I’ll prepare it.

If I feel I need to do something special for them. I like to bake for them a lot. So I do that often.”

Unlike most men, Omoni said her husband feels great each time they step out together and someone admires her beauty. She said, “My husband feels good when I step out for a red carpet event and other men admire me.

Everyone likes to show off something that they like and something they think is beautiful. I think it is a good feeling for him.”

However, some of you might not also know that Desmond was the culprit involved in her first kiss…hold your fire, her first kiss in a movie. “My first kiss movie was in Unfinished Business and that was in 2007 or 2008, I am not sure. It was okay. It was with Desmond Elliot. I

It was make-believe so there was nothing to feel uneasy about. We are both actors, so we both know what we are doing. The viewers saw it and thought it was amazing and that is the most important thing.

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