How To Know If Your Partner Is Obsessed With You.

Being in a relationship can be such a pleasurable experience, from the unending phone calls, to sweet text messages, and some soft cuddling, and even sometimes the hand-in-hand walking of two love butterflies makes being in a relationship such a sweet experience.

But just when does a relationship turn into an obsession? Gory stories from obsessed relationships are becoming too rampant nowadays. I once heard the story of a lady setting herself on fire because her boyfriend decided to quit the relationship because he turned ‘born-again’. And I recently read d story of a guy slit his girlfriend’s throat because she called it quit! Now that’s terrible you say? But do you mind checking into your own relationship right now? Are you obsessed or is your partner obsessed with you?

Here are few clues to know:

1. The Family Deal

When you are just at the early stage of your relationship and your partner thinks meeting your parents is a big freaking deal. That’s way too fast, and this might eventually lead to an emotional disturbance later. You need to slow down.

2. The Looks

Jealous much? Does your partner’s look indicate unnecessary jealousy? Watch for phone patterns too. Are your partner’s voicemails like monologues? Does he/she text you so often you feel like a doctor on call? If your partner is watching your every move, it’s time to back away … very… slowly…

3. You become your partner’s project

You swear you can remember somehow getting through life without being remote controlled by your partner… But you aren’t sure how, since apparently you need your partner to tell you how to dress, act, eat and even THINK! It’s like a parasite got in your brain… Say anything, and even pass up your fun time/or time meant to have fun with your friends to go to your partner’s 8-year-old niece’s birthday party. Obsessive lovers often manipulate situations to keep their partners to themselves. WAKE UP!

4. Fear and Loathing

If your buddies can’t stand your partner or pay you a visit whenever your partner is around, shame on you for even reading this article when you should be out dumping him/her.

5. Public Displays of Agro

It’s ridiculous how some peeps BERATE their partners, screeching at them in public like a shopping banshee. If you are repressing a frequent urge to strangle your girlfriend/boyfriend for humiliating you and making huge scenes – guess what? Curb that puppy.

6. The Police Game

When your partner starts to monitor your phone calls. And also sneaks over to read your chats and text messages. He/she wants to know about all your friends and even monitor your daily schedule. Or even start smelling your clothes and underwear! Obsessive people don’t respect privacy. They run through your phone contacts and will even call friends and relatives to gather information about you. Buddy, its time to do the ‘moonwalk’.

7. The Relentless Promise

When your partner calls you now and then on the phone, asking you to promise them you’ll never leave them. When you wake up in the midnight and you find your partner just staring at you, and you ask why and they say “they just love you.” Or your partner simply feels inferior without you. Charlie, it’s time to run!!!

8. You are the ANSWER

The non-obsessed consider the possibility of a future, while the potential bunny-boiler has already made up their minds that THIS IS IT! The obsessive partner has already determined that this is his/her one and only love who will be his/her partner for life and begins to make plans for the future.

9. No Trust

If your partner can’t get it out of their mind that you are cheating on them and they keep accusing you of having phantom encounters with random people, you might need to have some serious introspection.

10. Forcing the L-word

If your partner makes you say “I Love You” EVERY TIME you talk, especially if it’s a phone call. Or probably they say it and you decide not to say “I love you too!” And your partner immediately thinks you don’t love them anymore, or that you are with another person. Hey! Hey!! Can you hear me? It’s time to walk away.

Hear this! If you recognize yourself in this list, you might need to step back and think about what emotional feelings of insecurity or low self-esteem
that is fueling this behavior. Otherwise, it will keep happening and you’ll keep wondering why you’re always getting dumped.

But if you agree with me that your partner is obsessed with you, and you don’t want to put your life in danger, here’s how to back out:

The Extraction Game.

Extracting a mental partner is like defusing a bomb. If you are a jerk, it’s like pouring gas on a fire. Your partner will want you more. Any sign of resistance will draw them closer. But here’s the best thing to do? Become undesirable. Add weight! Be displeasing! Start doing things that would make your partner lose interest in you. It’ll be fun.

Never, ever attempt to talk your obsessive partner into ‘breaking up’ with them, or call a third-party to help dissolve the relationship. You might as well try sky diving!!!

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