Sylvester Stallone Mourns Family Dog.

poster of the lost Dog

poster of the lost Dog

Mourning any type of animal is a story that’s extremely very funny in some part of the world especially Africa lol… nevertheless, read on…

Sylvester Stallone’s family is mourning the loss of a loved one … their adorable pet poochie Phoebe … who was found dead after a coyote attack earlier this month, family says “It’s a heart-breaking story …” Phoebe went missing a couple of weeks ago — and immediately the family scoured their Bel Air community in a desperate attempt to find their beloved 4-legged friend. They even put up posters in their community offering a $10,000 reward for Phoebe’s safe return. But the story took a tragic turn when someone discovered Phoebe’s body on the Stallone property … the victim of a coyote attack. Stallone’s rep says” Phoebe’s death has been very difficult for the family.R.I.P. Phoebe” …

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