Alicia Keys: Family life makes me honest

Alicia keys is more honest about her feelings now she is a wife and mother.

The ‘Girl on Fire’ hitmaker – who has son Egypt, two, with husband Swizz Beats – says family life has made her more sure of herself and more comfortable than ever on stage.

She said: ”Stepping into motherhood and becoming a wife, I’ve definitely become more confident. I can express my feelings more honestly.


”When you’re trying to find your way, you hold so much back. Now that wall has gone, I’ve really stepped into myself. I am able to be more vulnerable and more composed. I just feel calm and comfortable with the shows now.

Alicia married Swizz – whose real name is kasseen Dean – three years ago, and says it was ”divine” to realise she had a ”beautiful connection” with her former school friend.

She added in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: ”Strangely enough we’ve known each other for 12 years – since high school.

”Years later, realising we had a beautiful connection together was just divine.”

The 32-year-old beauty also admits it was her producer spouse who first made her think seriously about having children.

She said: ”It’s made everything a deeper, fuller experience in every way. I’d thought about it before but it wasn’t really on my radar until I met the love of my life.”

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